Why have a mobile app?

Increase Retention

Keep your current customers coming back to your dealership. With a Dealerbaby mobile app for your dealership, current customers engage with your dealership through push notifications, vehicle management updates, exclusive deals, and service appointment scheduling, all through their mobile devices.

Increase Leads

Every installed mobile app is a prospective buyer. Alert potential buyers of new deals via push notifications, add their email address to your current sales funnel, and track their behavior via our analytics module. The Dealerbaby mobile app platform is a powerful tool to collect and nurture leads.

Increase Profit

Merchandise your current inventory with a mobile app. With a Dealerbaby mobile app for your dealership your dealership can reach more prospective buyers in a cost effective manner - decreasing your marketing budget. Who doesn't want to increase profits, while spending less money?

Native Custom Mobile App

Native mobile apps provide enormous advantages over mobile websites and mobile web apps. Not only do your users know exactly where to find your app in Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store, native mobile apps are faster than the alternatives and have complete access to all the features mobile devices run on. Are you unsure if your mobile app is a true native mobile app? Contact us and we can chat.

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Service Scheduling

Would you like your mobile app users to have the ability to schedule service appointments through their mobile devices? With the Dealerbaby platform they can! Users can browse your service schedule, find available times, and schedule various service items without any interaction with your service staff. The Dealerbaby platform is fully customizable and allows you to choose what service items users can schedule, what days they can schedule, and which users can and cannot schedule a service.

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Get Your Dealership A Native Mobile App Today

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