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What We Offer

Dealerbaby is a native mobile app platform. What is that exactly? In a nut shell, we are a hassle free way to have a mobile app for your dealership. Your app will be native - which means it will appear in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store - and includes all the features your mobile customers expect when they use a mobile app. Your customers will love it!

The Dealerbaby platform includes a fully integrated backend system which connects and integrates with your DMS. Your inventory automatically shows up in your mobile app, customer information is auto populated when your current customers download your mobile app, and service appointments can be scheduled directly into your DMS.

With the Dealerbaby platform your native mobile app will land you more leads and help you better retain existing customers.

Who We Are

The Dealerbaby team has over 20 plus years of experience in the car industry and mobile development space. We are just like you - car people looking for the best ways to connect and speak to customers. Our mission is to provide car dealerships with the easiest to use technology - so you can get back to doing what you do best - sell cars!

The team is always looking to reach out and talk to people in the industry. If you want to chat, or find out more about us, please contact us.

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Get Your Dealership A Native Mobile App Today

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